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October 7, 2010: Probation Set For Industrial Action

October 5, 2010: Turning Prisoners Into Taxpayers

October 4, 2010: Murder Changes Now In Force

September 20, 2010: Probation Programmes Face Cuts

August 24, 2010: Victorian Poor Law Records Online

August 10, 2010: Justice Job Cuts

July 28, 2010: Prison Violence Growing

July 22, 2010: Police Numbers: Latest Figures

July 22, 2010: New Jurisdiction Rules

July 16, 2010: CCJS On Prison And Probation Spending Under Labour

July 15, 2010: Latest Statistics On Violent And Sexual Crime

July 15, 2010: Latest National Crime Figures

July 15, 2010: New Chief Prisons Inspector

July 14, 2010: Hard Times Ahead For Prisons: Anne Owers

July 14, 2010: Prison Does Not Work: Ken Clarke

July 13, 2010: Criminal Justice Reform: Sentencing and Rehabilitation

July 13, 2010: Criminal Justice Reform Priorities

July 12, 2010: What Price Public Protection, Asks Probation Chief Inspector

July 12, 2010: NOMS has failed, says Napo

July 10, 2010: IPCC To Investigate Death of Raoul Moat

July 9, 2010: Women In Prison: New Report

July 9, 2009: Unjust Deserts: Imprisonment for Public Protection

July 8, 2010: Police Search Powers Change

July 7, 2010: Make 'Legal High' Illegal, Says ACMD

July 2, 2010: Failing Children In Prison

July 2, 2010: Police Buried Under a Blizzard of Guidance: HMIC

July 1, 2010: Freedom To Change The Law?

June 30, 2010: A New Outlook On Penal Reform?

June 30, 2010: Revolving Door Of Offending Must Stop, Says Clarke

June 30, 2010: Ken Clarke: Speech on Criminal Justice Reform

June 29, 2010: No More Police Targets

June 26, 2010: Family Intervention Projects Questioned

June 25, 2010: Cutting Criminal Justice

June 24, 2010: Napo on Sex Offenders Report

June 23, 2010: Closing Courts: The Cuts Begin

June 23, 2010: Strategy To Tackle Gangs

June 15, 2010: Courts and Mentally Disordered Offenders

June 8, 2010: Working With Muslims in Prison

June 1, 2010: Your Chance To Nominate a QC

Diversity: UK

Black Women's Rape Action Project offers counselling, support and advice to Black women and other women of colour, immigrant and refugee women, who have suffered rape, sexual assault or other violence.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission works to eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality, and to protect human rights.

Criminology in the New Millenium is the site of Ruth Chigwada-Bailey, a criminologist who has organised conferences addressing issues around race, gender and criminal justice since 1991.

The Fawcett Society campaigns for equality between women and men. Their Commission on Women and the Criminal Justice System was established to bring a gender perspective to policy-making around criminal justice issues and to allow women a voice in the current debates. Some excellent downloads are available here.

The Gay Police Association has members in all 52 UK police forces, and  supports 16,000 police staff. This represents the largest minority community employed by the police. The GPA also work to educate the police service and government on issues connected with sexual orientation and policing.

The Institute of Race Relations analyses institutionalised racism in Britain and Europe. This includes scrutiny of policing and the criminal justice system.

Justice For Women is a feminist organisation that campaigns and supports women who have fought back against or killed violent male partners. It campaigns for changes in the defences to murder so that they reflect women's experiences of domestic violence.

The LAGIP website is about providing a network for advice, support, and collegiality among gay and lesbian bisexual and transgendered probation service and family courts employees in England and Wales.

Macpherson Inquiry: This website provides the full Report of Sir William Macpherson's Inquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence. It concludes the police investigation was marred by "professional incompetence, institutional racism and a failure of leadership".

The Metropolitan Police Diversity Strategy is interesting to explore in light of the issues raised in the Macpherson Inquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence.

The National Body of Black Prisoner Support Groups was established from groups of criminal justice practitioners working directly with Black and Minority Ethnic Offenders. They aim to develop a nationwide support network for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Offenders, and act as a voice for BME Offender Organisations.

The National Civil Rights Movement (NCRM) aims to provide support for the victims of racial injustice, to promote family-based campaigns and to challenge the criminal justice system. The NCRM is independent of Government and government agencies.

RaceActionNet offers authoritative, extensive and up-to-date material on  racial harassment and racist attacks for practitioners and policy makers. This password protected site requires a membership fee; well worth persuading your agency or organisation to subscribe.

The Runnymede Trust is a leading independent, voluntary funded think tank on ethnicity and cultural diversity. They aim to challenge racial discrimination, influence legislation and promote a successful multi-ethnic Britain.

The Race Equality Scheme for the Scottish Executive, One Scotland - Many Cultures Working Together for Race Equality is available in full here.

The Social Exclusion Task Force aims to reduce social exclusion by coordinate the government's drive against social exclusion.

Women's Aid is the national domestic violence charity that helps an average of over 220,000 women and children every year. They work to end violence against women and children, and support over 500 domestic and sexual violence services across the UK.

The Zahid Mubarek Inquiry was set up in 2004, as a non-statutory public inquiry into the murder of Zahid Mubarek at Feltham Young Offender Institution in 2000. Documentary evidence and witness statements are posted on this website, which is maintained for archival purposes.

Diversity: International

The Antiracist Center in Norway seeks to promote human rights and equal opportunities, and provides individual assistance to those who have become social, political and economic victims of racism and racial discrimination. This site has a substantial news section in English.

The Council on Crime and Justice is an independent, non-profit organization integrating research, demonstration projects and advocacy "to bring just solutions to the causes and consequences of crime". The Council has been involved in such areas as offender services, alternative sanctions, victim's rights, and restorative justice.

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance aims to combat racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance at the level of greater Europe and from the perspective of the protection of human rights.

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) is a network of non-governmental organisations working to combat racism in EU member states. It acts against the discrimination and exclusion of people of different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The site offers the latest news around the EU on anti-racism and discrimination legislation.

The MIRIS (Minority Rights Information System) site promotes the development of minority rights standards by providing information for experts, public officials, minority representatives but also interested researchers and students. The site is bilingual with texts provided in both English and the official language of the state concerned.

The Racial Disparity Initiative is the Council on Crime and Justice's micro website on racial disparities in the justice system. It serves as a "one-stop" resource regarding racial disparity research addressing its causes and consequences, particularly in Minnesota.

SOS-Racisme is a anti-racist organisation in France which monitors racial attacks and racially sensitive legislation.

United for Intercultural Action is a network of over  560 organisations from 49 European countries working together against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees.