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October 7, 2010: Probation Set For Industrial Action

October 5, 2010: Turning Prisoners Into Taxpayers

October 4, 2010: Murder Changes Now In Force

September 20, 2010: Probation Programmes Face Cuts

August 24, 2010: Victorian Poor Law Records Online

August 10, 2010: Justice Job Cuts

July 28, 2010: Prison Violence Growing

July 22, 2010: Police Numbers: Latest Figures

July 22, 2010: New Jurisdiction Rules

July 16, 2010: CCJS On Prison And Probation Spending Under Labour

July 15, 2010: Latest Statistics On Violent And Sexual Crime

July 15, 2010: Latest National Crime Figures

July 15, 2010: New Chief Prisons Inspector

July 14, 2010: Hard Times Ahead For Prisons: Anne Owers

July 14, 2010: Prison Does Not Work: Ken Clarke

July 13, 2010: Criminal Justice Reform: Sentencing and Rehabilitation

July 13, 2010: Criminal Justice Reform Priorities

July 12, 2010: What Price Public Protection, Asks Probation Chief Inspector

July 12, 2010: NOMS has failed, says Napo

July 10, 2010: IPCC To Investigate Death of Raoul Moat

July 9, 2010: Women In Prison: New Report

July 9, 2009: Unjust Deserts: Imprisonment for Public Protection

July 8, 2010: Police Search Powers Change

July 7, 2010: Make 'Legal High' Illegal, Says ACMD

July 2, 2010: Failing Children In Prison

July 2, 2010: Police Buried Under a Blizzard of Guidance: HMIC

July 1, 2010: Freedom To Change The Law?

June 30, 2010: A New Outlook On Penal Reform?

June 30, 2010: Revolving Door Of Offending Must Stop, Says Clarke

June 30, 2010: Ken Clarke: Speech on Criminal Justice Reform

June 29, 2010: No More Police Targets

June 26, 2010: Family Intervention Projects Questioned

June 25, 2010: Cutting Criminal Justice

June 24, 2010: Napo on Sex Offenders Report

June 23, 2010: Closing Courts: The Cuts Begin

June 23, 2010: Strategy To Tackle Gangs

June 15, 2010: Courts and Mentally Disordered Offenders

June 8, 2010: Working With Muslims in Prison

June 1, 2010: Your Chance To Nominate a QC

Weblogs: UK

Bent Society, a highly entertaining blog devoted to "Looking into the Bent Side of Everything", is authored by "a Growing Band of Concerned and Dedicated Gonzo Criminologists, Sociologists, Other Academics and Upstanding Citizens." How can you resist?

Blues And Twos - Police Officer's Blog is an amalgamation of thoughts, feelings and observations on news, current affairs and UK policing.

Diary of a Criminal Solicitor is written by a London solicitor who does criminal defence work, and often finds himself "in utter amazement or red faced with anger working at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts.."

John Hirst's Jailhouse Lawyer's blog offers a mix of law, politics, autobiography and humour. After mamy years in prison, the author rehabilitated himself and is now committed to prisoners' rights and penal reform. The responses he evokes, he wryly notes, "sometimes come from someone who uses a thought process, and sometimes from jerks usually associated with the knee".

The Justice of the Peace (Magistrate's) blog is penned by "a magistrate of independent mind and a libertarian bent". The author focuses on "the declining freedoms enjoyed by the ordinary citizen and a corresponding fear of the big brother state's ever increasing encroachment on civil liberties".

The Leftwing Criminologist blog provides an analysis of crime and criminal justice issues from a socialist perspective.

The Magistrate's Blog describes itself as "Musings and Snippets from an English Magistrate (Justice of the Peace)", who sits in a court near London. Where Bystander's views “differ from the letter of the law, he will enforce the letter of the law because that is what he has sworn to do”. This weblog offers real insight into a magistrate’s daily experience.

Napo's Jonathan Ledger offers an incisive perspective from the front line of rehabilitation. Jonathan is the General Secretary of the National Association of Probation Officers.

The Police Inspector Blog is penned by a police inspector in an English county force ("Ruralshire") in England. It cheerfully admits to being "the only unauthorised police inspector blog on the web".

The Policeman's Blog is written by a serving officer who frankly describes his blog as a “Journey into the mad, mad world of the British underclass and the Public sector, where nothing is too insane for it to be written down and copied in triplicate”, then rather unnecessarily assures us that his views "probably don't reflect official policy”.

Psychology and Crime News is a superbly well informed blog which collates information of interest in a forensic psychological context. Aimed mainly at an academic audience, but also useful for anyone who works with offenders and wants to keep up to date with developments in both forensic psychology and practical forensic developments with psychological relevance.

The Reducing Reoffending Blog explores issues around rehabilitation and reoffending.

The Thin Blue Line documents the experiences of a new police officer in London, who describes himself as “coming from the sticks to the big smoke to see if he can really be all he can be”.

The UK Criminal Justice Weblog has news on UK criminal justice issues drawn from media websites, government sources and criminal justice agencies and organisations. It is supported by Rethinking Crime and Punishment and produced in association with the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. A superb source of information.

The University of Crime provides an unusual perspective, offering   "unique and highly valuable offender data" on which universities have educated "nationally and internationally notorious criminals."

Weblogs International

Chris Uggen's Blog aptly describes itself as featuring "sociology, criminology, self-indulgery" and features some interesting perspectives on crime and criminal justice.

The General Blog of Crime is a quirky American criminology blog is maintained by "criminologists who are grad school friends" and covers a range of interesting and relevant topics.

The official Los Angeles Police Department blog offers some frank insights into the everyday realities of policing a west coast American city.

The Los Angeles Police Department E-Policing blog demonstrates LAPD's method of bringing community policing to the Internet.You can sign up to receive e-mail newsletters, crime trends and other information.

Peacemaking and Crime explores alternatives to the war on crime and juvenile delinquency and emphasises conflict resolution, rehabilitation, restorative justice and social justice

Public Defender Dude is a California-based weblog which frankly acknowledges it presents “The rantings of a Public Defender constantly fighting against society's pervasive Police Industrial Complex” and invites the reader to “Enjoy the unique perspective of one who's life's work is to fight  the system through the system."